View Full Version : Air Horns and Relay

Thursday 6th January 2005, 15:36
Thinking of fitting some air horns to my S70, not sure whether to use a relay or not, anyone had any experience with this??

Looked at the wiring circuit that the horn is on, its a 25A fuse but it also shares it with the front window wipers and washers. The aftermarket horn draws a 16A current.

Pedro Fandango
Thursday 6th January 2005, 15:42
for the cost of a relay i'd put 1 in to be safe

Thursday 6th January 2005, 19:54
I wired mine directly into the horn cables and (in both my Volvos) and have never had any problems......not even a popped fuse!

Tuesday 11th January 2005, 17:00
I used a relay in the end, just to be safe.
New air horn now now mounted behind the fog lights on the near side.
The horn is a Stebel Nautilus, easy to fit as it reqired only one fixing point. Nice and loud too!!!