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John Ret.
Tuesday 6th September 2005, 16:31
OK, so my Lambda light has been on since I got the car (not your fault, Craig :))

And today I finally got round to getting my codes read.

Went to my local Volvo Deeler, in Cleethorpes.

The service manager read my codes (for free) and reset the Lambda light (for free) and it gave a reading of '422 BARRO SENS'.

He couldn't seem to find it in any of the books andas it was getting toward closing time I said if it comes on again, I'll pop in when you have mroe time.

So does anyone know what it is? Barrometric sensor?

Nice bloke at Volvo anyway, good to know I have a decent dealer round the corner from me.



John Ret.
Tuesday 6th September 2005, 18:59

Tuesday 6th September 2005, 19:42
Its located behind the drivers headlight in front of the washer bottle,
They are quite expensive too,


Do a search on here as this have been discussed before,

Tuesday 6th September 2005, 19:58
It is the sensor next to the washer bottle in the/\ pic, You can see the connector plug.

John Ret.
Tuesday 6th September 2005, 21:50
Cheers.... what exactly is it?

Tuesday 6th September 2005, 23:22
Not too sure but because of its name must adjust the air mixture when it is cold or hot,


Wednesday 7th September 2005, 00:35
The Lambda light came on when i had it after i drove over a pothole, i had the code read and it said the same fault, it also told me the speed & rpm i was doing on impact, the dealer reset the code and everything was fine, but it;s funny how hitting a pothole seemed to cause it, it was the left front wheel and i believe the switch is on the left front arch too ? John try salvo in Ilkeston for a salvage one ?

John Ret.
Wednesday 7th September 2005, 11:42
Cheers Craig.

I founf it a bit strange because the car was idleing when it came on.... I thought it could have been a temperature issue.

Anyway, the lights off..... I'll see if it comes back.

John Ret.
Tuesday 20th September 2005, 00:36
The lambda came on again today, bump in the road on a roundabout.

If it only comes on when driven over a hrash bump, I'm thinking a dodgy connection?

I'll replace the connector before the 'barro sensor' whatever it is.....