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Monday 20th December 2004, 18:47
I am treating the volvo to a new chimney on wed, havin' a cat back stainless system fitted by POWERFLOW, in Doncaster. They have stated that they will make me what spec i want. Anyone got one on their t5???

Monday 20th December 2004, 21:15
Pedro's got a powerflow on his (aka Covcrew) and my god its a monster!!!!!! :sinner: :bow_kneel


Pedro Fandango
Monday 20th December 2004, 22:07
my god its a monster!!!!!!
you certainly know how to say all the right things :remybussi

i get Powerflow to do all of my custom pipework & can only say they impress me everytime. I've got a de-cat with single medium silencer going to a twin exit (one each side). What i would suggest is check an exhaust they've already done, as they are a franchise the quality of work does vary (but they will sort any problems out for free under the lifetime warranty)


video with sound (http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/covcrew/videos/volvo/exhaust.mpg)

Wednesday 22nd December 2004, 13:17
sounds very nice chap!
Ihave now had it fitted, and decided on going for a 2" quarter pipe, with a 4" single inward rolled round tailpipe. The car has a nice grumble on tickover, and has a dep grunt when you press the go pedal. What also is nice is that it does'nt droan on long journey's.
Congratulations to the Doncaster lads at Powerflow, excellent job!!!

Wednesday 22nd December 2004, 14:12
Give us the nod next time you are in or around Sheffiled and i will have a listen.......

Thursday 23rd December 2004, 11:08
murphy, as you are only in chesterfield, i am not a million miles away at mansfield, we will have have to cross volvo paths, so you can decide yourself mate! send me a private message of you details!