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Tuesday 14th December 2004, 17:23
Hi everyone
This post is probably a waste of time but just in case any of you don't know, Volvo has a recall on some 850 estates, around '96 for the wiring on heated front seats. I noticed it on another site about 3 months ago, and even though it had been out for a while I mentioned it to my Volvo dealer the last time our car went in for something and they replaced the offending parts on both seats FOC. If you didn't know, it might be worth checking out - you could end up a bit warmer than you expected! I've got the relevent chassis numbers somewhere, so if anyone is interested I'll find them out for you.
Bye for now

Tuesday 14th December 2004, 19:12
Not only estates - saloons too.
Checked mine with local Volvo dealer - worth doing as they can tell you all about your car - needed doing, takes about an hour. They even offered a loan car for the day too!

Kent Canary
Tuesday 14th December 2004, 21:00
The relevant chassis numbers are:

850 Saloon - 267427 to 393364
850 Estate - 175991 to 340364

Wednesday 15th December 2004, 22:01
Yeah they repair them but they don't get anywhere near as warm afterwards. Although I suppose this is better than your arse catching fire. :sinner: