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Monday 8th August 2005, 10:57
Hi, i filled up yesterday with my fuel guage showing 90 miles left. Basically i had used my 1st tank full since i had the S60, i put in 61 litres at 55 and had done 351 miles, so i reckon thats about 27mpg in my head which is pretty cool i think.

Wobbly Dave
Monday 8th August 2005, 11:14
I think we need put a limit on the number of "Fuel Consumption" based threads!

I am just kiddin.

I am pleased that you are enjoying the new machine!

Monday 8th August 2005, 11:15
My 70 doesn't get anywhere near my 850's consumption - 24 vs 28mpg!!


Monday 8th August 2005, 11:44
I think we need put a limit on the number of "Fuel Consumption" based threads!

I am just kiddin.

I am pleased that you are enjoying the new machine!Yea Dave repetetive threads bore me sometimes, but i'd rather start a new thread than hijack another and alter the topic, thats worse than middle lane hoggers in my book. Although i'm sure i do it too lol...

Wobbly Dave
Monday 8th August 2005, 11:52
I was only pullin thee leg lad!

I managed 300miles on a tank in the new tank and I was ragging it most of the time.

Monday 8th August 2005, 11:59
My 70 doesn't get anywhere near my 850's consumption - 24 vs 28mpg!!


Thats strange my 70s slightly better than my old 850 or Andreas 850 , point 0 service and rica should sort it.

The 850 managed around 22 around town and the 70 around 23 best on long run in winnie 30mpg best in whiplash 32.5mpg.
Cruising at a steady 100 mph on ze autobahgn is around 23-23.5 in mojo and about 23.5 -24 in whiplash!

Monday 8th August 2005, 12:25
I am running ave 29 mpg over the past 3000 ish miles, including a couple of high average speed runs. When not late for work, run over 32 - 35 mpg, cruise set at 70 mph.
Best ever was 525+ miles on a tank, Reading to Bristol to Sheffield to S****horpe to Reading to Bristol, plus a few diversions to hotels etc.
Not bad with an airleak in the vac system as well I can't find.......

Monday 8th August 2005, 13:01
I average about 26 in my v70.

Monday 8th August 2005, 13:48
Your car needs a service moppy - once that is done, it should improve :) And a rica will help ;)

The Flying Banana
Monday 8th August 2005, 15:48
I think the Volvo fulel consumption is hellish!! It has got to the stage I am thinking of selling the car before the house gets taken off me!!!
Have been running an E39 BMW M5 just now and it has 400 BHP, 8 cylinders, is devastatingly quick in the saloon car catagory and it gets better fuel consumption than the Volvo!!!! Whats that all about?????

Tuesday 9th August 2005, 18:27
Just got 30.5 on a round trip to Devon. Quite please with that...

Tuesday 9th August 2005, 21:43
My S60 T5 doesnt give me anymore then 24mpg according to the electronic guauge.

But then i do drive it hard more often then not.


Tuesday 9th August 2005, 21:46
Well mine was a mixture of everything, i used to get 280 to 320 max out of my S70, i was on target for 400 this time although it was only my 1st tank of petrol so i'll monitor it.

p fandango
Tuesday 9th August 2005, 21:56
my average at the minute is 17.4 (normally lower than that) but on a decent run she'll still do about 30mpg

Tuesday 9th August 2005, 22:13
Almost in Range Rover territory!

I do lots of miles and frequently get 30 to 34 by computer and my workings. With a mixture of driving.

Shadquattro could easily get 15mpg, if its designed to go fast..it will.

Tuesday 9th August 2005, 22:20
Just got back from touring in France 1600 miles on 'Super' (98 octane) and showing 25.5mpg.
I thought that was quite good as I'm usually in the low 20s around town!

Tuesday 9th August 2005, 22:24
28.9mpg on a 700 mile, 80+ run on Monday this week... with a fridge in the back :)

Tuesday 9th August 2005, 22:49
moppy lest right foot you can easyly get into the 30mpg range i have done 411 miles on a tank in my s70 normay around town it between 20 and 25 though