View Full Version : Engine revs from cold startup

Sunday 12th December 2004, 00:03
Anybody tell me why when I first start the car up from cold it revs to about 15-2000 rpm?, it only stays at these levels for a couple of seconds. I don't touch the accelerator at all but it still does it, once the car is warm it will just start normaly. This has always happened since I first got the car and it's driving me nuts!, I'm also worried about the damage that could be being done when it revs like this straight from startup with little or no oil circulation. :shifty:

Monday 13th December 2004, 06:39

Mine does it too, although not all the time, sometimes it starts and ticks over fine, but most of the time when starting, it runs as you say at 1500+ then after a few seconds dies down to a normal tick over, although I am not sure, and there will be more said about this, but I reckon it's just the affect of a rush of fuel when first starting, once the "burn-off" has happened everything with the ecu and the like takes over and looks after the way it runs when cold, unless others proove me wrong..

Cheers.... :)

Monday 13th December 2004, 22:54
I'm not sure, when I first got the car the ignition switch was faulty, you had to turn the key back slightly after starting to put the lights out on the dash. I changed the switch(eventualy) and for a while everything ran perfect, no problems on startup. but the last 6 months its started to play up as described when cold. I would take it in and get it diagnosed but I'm not sure I can afford the huge bill .

Tuesday 14th December 2004, 06:31
Hi again, :thewave:

Umm, not sure that there is a problem you know, although in the dim and distant past I can't remember whether mine did it when I first got it... I am having some other problems at the moment, I am being pointed towards replacing or at least getting the MAF sensor changed, so if mine "is" faulty, then this may cure this problem too, it kinda has a connection as the MAF sensor monitors air-flow, and when first starting the air flow is nothing-then something, perhaps the ECU is running in default mode and does what it thinks is the right thing to do, this is only theory, I have no sound eveidence to prove any of it, just thought... others reading this may have an opinion, although I am finding it hard to find a real "hey presto" answer... so if you have some patience, then hang on untill I persue this/my problem further.... :shifty:

I know what you mean about cost, my main dealer charged me 300 :eek: for diagnosing, checking and replacing the Lamda sensor!!!!! I could have dun it for half, if I had a been sharper at the start.... :)