View Full Version : Shakespeare county raceway 30-10-10

Sunday 31st October 2010, 11:37
just a quikck vid of my 480 being driven by my dad, we got thrashed by alot of impreza's and a modded 240 but won 2/3 races against another 480 turbo (black) which was a surprise as the owner had had his chipped. and ours just had a 16 boost controller and a cone air filter! we upped the boost throughout the day and found that 22psi is the best pressure to run at becuase anymore causees boost spiking. but its amazing that the little engine can take this much boost without adjusting the fuel!
although oldly as soon as i put on the cone air filter (standard boost) the car still makes a flutter dump sound(you can probably hear it in the first part of the vid), sounds awsum but wot do u rekon cud have caused this and is it something i should be worried about?

cheers, tom

Sunday 31st October 2010, 17:26
we all turned up today should have all went yesterday, no that sound is just the wastegate noise and is perfectly normal you just cant hear it with the standard airbox on

Sunday 31st October 2010, 18:09
Looked like you had a good day.

p fandango
Sunday 31st October 2010, 18:16
i do miss my old 480, brilliant little cars. I'm not sure what turbo they use on the 480's or if they had recirc valves or not, but more than likely it has & running such a high boost level the standard valve can't let all the air escape quick enough when you back off the throttle so the noise is the air being forced past the spinning turbo blades (ie turbo chatter). Whats your best 1/4mile time?


Monday 1st November 2010, 09:04
16.2 so its a lil quicker than last time, but the new clutch was only done a few days before so my dad reconed it probably wasnt bedded in yet. Its driving me crazy cos i wanna get it down into the 15's soo bad! at least i hav till next april to get it ready i suppose!