View Full Version : Oil leak!

Friday 15th July 2005, 09:49
After having a look at the engine area with sizzlechest, we found an oil leak from the filler cap area, on my s70 (99). is this a common fault, and how much to fix?
any ideas? Thanx. Don!

Friday 15th July 2005, 10:55
Sounds like the seal on the filler cap. Mine had this, I changed the cap but I think it is possible to just change the seal. Few quid only.

No problems after cap changed, (well not from that area anyway :( )

Friday 15th July 2005, 11:00
Yep it is possible to change to seal on the oil filler cap, only a 1-2 from a main stealer. Done mine a few months ago, stops the engine looking messy!

Friday 15th July 2005, 13:17
does anybody know of an aftermarket oil filler cap available for the t5?? i want to make underneath the bonnet nice and shiny!!

Friday 15th July 2005, 16:36
Won't the original cap polish up?
Failing that, how about a rub down & spray?

Friday 15th July 2005, 17:17
i didnt even think of that!!! nice one!