View Full Version : I won't sell my T5!!!

Sunday 10th July 2005, 17:32
Hi everyone - I have finally decided that although I do like C70's, I can't part with my 1998 S70 CD T5 - silver, black leather - 65k miles and, as far as I know (I bought it last November), its bog standard - I'm going to get the ECU rica'd in January (when I have some cash) and probably new springs and shocks cos she rolls a bit.

In prep for that, what sort of things have people done to their cars like performance plugs, etc etc?

Would be interested to know what people have done.


PS - failing at the moment to get some pics uploaded off my phone but coming soon hopefully.

Wobbly Dave
Monday 11th July 2005, 00:28
See the Stage 0 tuning thread in KB section - http://www.volvot5.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=217&highlight=stage+tune

Monday 11th July 2005, 09:16
Good choice not selling the S70!!

A little help from a good air filter, optimax, nkg plugs, and a good service!