View Full Version : Volflo/ Florian

Friday 8th July 2005, 20:27
Volflo is a god


If mine sounds like that, well I'm getting a semi already...

The Flying Banana
Friday 8th July 2005, 21:43
Thes evideos are the biz....one thing tho...does anyone know where those headlights can be bought from....

Friday 8th July 2005, 21:46
Yup, but they don't come in RHD form :(. They now come with black background as well.


The Flying Banana
Friday 8th July 2005, 22:03
Hey..what an unbelivable site...even does the original T-5R floor mats with the yellow logo!!!
RE the lights..what do you you mean only in RHD...do you mean LHD or am i being thick...being projector lights would it make a difference?

Friday 8th July 2005, 22:27
To clarify...

They only are made for left hand drive vehicles as I guess the beam pattern is wrong. You could just say sod it and be the first in the UK to get them ;)

I haven't because of my HID's, they'd be dangerous to oncoming traffic if the beam pattern was wrong and my standard lights have the height adjustment motors that I don't want to loose.