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c70 t5
Tuesday 21st June 2005, 21:22

I have just been to the dealers to get the code for my radio, i tried putting it in, but its the wrong one, and had to wait 2 hrs to try again.

Tried again after 2 hrs, but its still the wrong one!!! Volvo dealers are now closed, any help?!?!??!?!?


Wobbly Dave
Wednesday 22nd June 2005, 01:23
Normally - as experience of this forum has shown - all you need to do is phone any dealership - prove ownership and provide the VIN for your car (shown on V5, and the id plates inside the engine bay)

Wednesday 22nd June 2005, 08:20
Howdy i too had that same problem.

What i didn't realise is that somewhere down the line it had been re-coded so that the code on volvos database didn't match.

They just got me to pop in, so that they could take the head unit out and log into it to get get the code. Their database is now updated too.

Oh yes all for free if you are wondering.

Friday 24th June 2005, 00:18
On some of the C70's for some reason they appear to have 2 codes, if the first normal one is not entered correctly it reverts to the second one for some stupid reason, which is when you have to wait 2 hours as a minimum to re-enter the code!

The way to get the second one is to remove the head unit and on the top of it is a serial number and a part number for the head unit, take those to the dealership and get them to get the code from Volvo UK as they cant access it on the computers it has to be over the phone.