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T4 Ben
Sunday 6th December 2009, 19:07
I am going to be servicing my T4 in the near future, are there any reccomendations on service parts.

I am going to do the whole lot, HT leeds, all filters, plugs etc...
Do any makes of parts work well and others dont(ie Bosch plugs instead of NGK ones, particular brand of HT Leads, that type of thing..)
Also is it worth bunging a K&N Panel filter in it or are they a waste of time??
Also what grade of oil should i put in it???

The car has done 168K..

Any advice greatly recieved.

Sunday 6th December 2009, 22:59
Most people reccommend the Volvo OEM spark plugs, the panel filter will be a good mod, as for the oil I just went off what the manual said (sorry can't remember what it was) I ended up using national for the oil change as they use decent oil and as it take 5.2 litres it was cheaper than DIY....

Sunday 6th December 2009, 23:07
oem plugs, leads and so on oil gotta be a 10w40 semi synthetic

T4 Ben
Monday 7th December 2009, 20:03
Cheers lads, is there anywhere online i can get OEM parts without paying OEM prices??

Monday 7th December 2009, 20:05
rufe at frf in swansea, pfs or tms hinckley mate all do forum discount

T4 Ben
Monday 7th December 2009, 20:19
Thanks muchly!!

Monday 7th December 2009, 20:22
Thanks muchly!!

no probs mate, if you goto the homepage they are advertising on there, just quote that you are from here

Monday 7th December 2009, 20:26
here ben



Monday 7th December 2009, 20:51
I have to say I've used rufe a few times and he's been first class