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Wednesday 25th November 2009, 17:08
Hi Everyone
I am the lucky owner of 3 V70 T5's a P1 Rica upgrade with 3" Stainless exhaust and 2 P2 both with Rica upgrades.
The issue is my 03 car is fully equipped Volvo RTI Nav/Phone/Tv does anyone know of an upgrade thats available bearing in mind the digital switch over thats coming. Volvo say they have no plans for an upgrade and seem to think we will all buy new cars???
The other two cars have Kenwood Double Din systems and are already upgraded to Digital TV. Its just the Volvo equipped car that is the problem.

So anyone got any clever solution that will still allow control from the headunit let me know


Wednesday 25th November 2009, 18:19
hmmmm, im no expert but i presume that there is some kind of freeview box for vehicles, if you were to but that in series with the factory aerial for the car would that not just send the new digital signal to the tv and you then change channels with the freeview box? As I said I dont know much but it sounds good in my head lol

Thursday 26th November 2009, 07:29
Freeview box plugged into an analogue modulator? Would give you the channels and might even be able to use the cars UHF antenna which i believe is in the rear window.
Someone please correct me if i'm wrong.

Wednesday 17th February 2010, 09:03
I feel a big rant coming on !!!!!!!!! Has anybody found out if Volvo now sell all their new vehicles with Digital TV. I bet not. Why is Volvo advanced in lots of ways but living in the past with others. I quote,,, what a cr@p sat nav system "no post codes" will that ever change to post code version???? OK so in some ways the address system works but I still use my Garmin if need a post code, felt a bit of a plonker when somebody asked me the other day why I had two systems. No post codes on the fixed one. Had TV in the Jag but in 3 years only used it three times. TV not a problem if it dos'nt work its just the principal.

Thursday 18th February 2010, 16:15
An update
It seems Volvo are not interested in producing a Digital TV upgrade spoke to Volvo Sweden who informed me that all new models are Digitally equiped so the answer is obvious New Car, !!!
The Volvo Nav has one of the worst interfaces ever, as you rightly say advanced in some areas and then Dickensien in others.
I have been in touch with the guy who designed the rear seat entertainment package for the XC90 he can (A) do a Digital Upgrade and (B) Fit a Hard Drive Garmin based Nav system to work with the Volvo install just need the remote to program.
The other gripe is needing 2 sim cards but I guess thats minor by comparison.

Both my other V70's have Kenwood systems that use a Garmin hard drive Nav great interface and simple to use both have blue tooth integrated as well, plus both have digital TV not used often but as you say principle.

A neighbour has an X type Jag and has just had the TV system upgraded by the dealer with out any problems or breaking the bank.

So come on Volvo Wake Up

Thursday 18th February 2010, 19:03
Have you got the contact details of the person who can do the Digital TV upgrade?


Monday 22nd February 2010, 21:36
Hi not at my main machine just now as soon as I am back in the UK I will post his contact details


Tuesday 23rd February 2010, 01:05
iirc this was done by someone cheaply using a standard digi box, most of the normal ones run 12v as standard, and come with a transformer

Tuesday 23rd February 2010, 18:42
Hi not at my main machine just now as soon as I am back in the UK I will post his contact details


Thanks Dave,

Look forward to you posting them.

Wednesday 24th February 2010, 13:26
Try contacting Peter Rogers at peter@designervisionandsound.com
He designed the rear seat entertainment systems for the XC90 and understands Volvo kit.

Wednesday 7th March 2012, 09:25
Hi Guys

Im a retired cable Tv engineer been in the business since 1976 so this was a nice simple project total cost was around 90 to 100 if your keeping the old Volvo RTI/TV system there is no need to go for a 300 kenwood one as the volvo TV wont show HD so if any one needs help Pm or post on here I will be only to glad to held

Make sure you get the one with the MAGIC EYE


Well I wanted to finish this off so here it is just got to Stick the aerial to the glass and jobs done I left out all the units as I want to fit them on a board and hide under the cargo bay to the right of the VOLVO tuner or I may hide in the left panel but here goes
First of I wanted some power and would you believe it the cargo Fuse box is permantly live ?

I wanted the items to be off when keys are out so not to drain the Battery
Speaking of which if you have the display alarm service fault pop up on the DIM charge you car battery do the lock unlock 3 times and yep it goes off well theres another thing I found out so if the alarm service DIM comes up your car battery might be low and needs a charge
I only found this out as I was playing with the TV engine off and the DIM can say Low battery
Right for power to the two units I decided to pick the power up from the rear 12v lighter socket as its dead when keys are out I used an old net curtain rod to fish under the carpet to the back cargo I have also fitted a 5amp fuse in line as well just to play safe and may go even smaller but with your engine running and power to the socket we have this . .

Enjoy all and if any one needs info help post or PM me Gazz's video on the conversion


Scart to RF output they say its 9v but works fine on 12v


Enjoy guys any help wanted let me know

right off to see about this airbag reset


1. Make sure the Freeview box has the remote eye as some dont and there for NO GOOD

2. Make sure it has a POWER AERIAL if not NO GOOD

3 If you want to use your USB memory stick for Videos / music make sure it has usb port

4. if buying off ebay check sellers ratings and feed back avoid HONG KONG / CHINA due to import costs which is extra

5. Dont bother about the Kenwood or any other high price make of 300 plus its an anolog TV and there for NOT HD so save ya money and the 60 ones will do the trick

There is a lot more info on the

how does the TV work