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Wednesday 28th October 2009, 22:35
Brand new premium HID kit from HIDS4U - works fine on the passenger side, but the driver's side light flashes on when I turn the lights on and then goes out and stays out...

Have swapped the ballasts / lights from side to side, and even tried another kit - problem remains. "Normal headlights" work fine of course.

So it looks like a problem with the car (a 2001 S40 T4)... perhaps wiring? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thursday 29th October 2009, 00:22
I had the same thing on mine the other day Alastair :(

I wired it all up the one side came on and stayed on, the other came on and went straight back off :mad111:

I tried all the above things and it turned out a) i had the wires done up wrong when they attach to the exisiting headlight wires and b) the wiring to the ballast was crossed ( both plugs look the same ) i swapped them over and rewired the existing headlight wires the proper way and Kablaaammmm " ££££ing Brilliant HID Lights " they are awesome :D

Anyway hope you get it sorted out soon buddy.


P.S. Feel free to edit the almost swear word, im just over joy'd :partysmil

Sunday 8th November 2009, 23:19
Incredibly enough they are polarity-sensitive... I was surprised and even went to read the fitting instructions :D :D :D which didn't say anything about polarity, but when I swapped the wires round... HID goodness :)

Monday 9th November 2009, 01:11
lol How you finding Hatfield Now Alistair... I thought the Aliens had landed earlier then I read this post. and realised you turned your HID's on and Lit up my house 6 miles away lol

Tuesday 10th November 2009, 09:41

It's working out OK but I'm worried about surprise visits from you lot in the middle of the night :D :D :D

Tuesday 10th November 2009, 18:13
Dont be worried mate.... be affraid. Be Very Affraid.... lol...:haha::biggrin: