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Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:04
Heres some pics (21) of the Loch Lomond Meet today :D

Bedlam (Alan)'s V70 T5

Cegs40t (Charlie)'s S40t

Craigk's 850R

Grumpybob's S70 T5

Titch's S40 T4

D14vd_h's 940

Some random guy Badger stopped hahaha



Ma Mum n Dad turned up and wanted they're "better car" in the pics

Us lol

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:05

Charlie (Titch's dad)



Charlie Cegs40t


Grumpybob (left) Markliddell666 (right)


Ferry Ride anyone???

See it was sunny (thanx Badger)

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:09
Cracking pictures Fraz - looks like the weather was ok for you. I *will* get up to Scotland at some point.

Glad you all had a great day!

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:10
Looks like a good meet, good selection of pics!

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:20
Andrew yer welcome anytime mate, another Scottish meets needed as that was really the first and it was fantastic :D

Cheers After_shock for that :wink:

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:22
So whose was the fastest car of the day or did you not get involved in any of that on public roads

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:22
looks like you all had a good time and some fantastic looking motors

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:26
Grumpybob and Craigk both have RICA but nope, no carry-on :wink:

Well apart from me leavin a few thousand miles of rubber in the Loch Lomond Shores carpark lol

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:33
Grumpybob and Craigk both have RICA but nope, no carry-on :wink:

Well apart from me leavin a few thousand miles of rubber in the Loch Lomond Shores carpark lol

Got any pics of the burnouts?? If you cant beat em, smoke em!! :sinner:

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:43
Na mate it was just a spirr of the moment thing, it wasnt planned, but a wish a did get pics coz it was a peach hahaha

Sunday 5th June 2005, 20:51
Quality, looks like a cracking day was had by all.

Apologies for us not making it, and too Craig and his other half for not showing up after meeting them at Crail last week and saying we would. No on the road playing then, my money would have been on Craigs, pulled a 14.5 at Crail last weekend, none to shabby

Chuffed you lot had a good meet.


Sunday 5th June 2005, 22:05
Wow i love it when the pics are posted up, Looks like a crackng day for you all, Who travelled the furthest?
That Green S40 they aren't 17" Tritons, The wheels look like 16s So are they the Propus's? but i could be wrong :slap:

Sunday 5th June 2005, 22:12
Ad say Bedlam travelled the furthest with roughly 3 hours from just south of Inverness, a big thanx again to all that travelled :wink:

Sunday 5th June 2005, 22:44
Wow, fantastic pics, email the full set to me if you want them in the gallery.

Well done all that attended and the organisers ;)

Sunday 5th June 2005, 23:18
Hey fraser thanks for a great day. It was nice to see all that turned up, me and the Badger laughed all the way home, Nice cars and even better people. Thanks again all! Charles

Sunday 5th June 2005, 23:27
Cheers 4 co... change that.... attending lol and thanx 4 the support Charlie :wink:

Thank Badger aswell lol he's deffo welcome back anytime lol you guys laughed all the way home? Am still laughing now hahah

Sunday 5th June 2005, 23:45
well got to say i enjoyed maself a met one luvlee ladie (and no they werent Fraz or badger) !!!!!!!!!!!
pity she didnt want to partake in a bit of volvo roasting (barbaque kind of course)
great day fraz next time i hope my mum an dad will come too u shouold have said about bringing the parents im glad ur mum brought ur spare high chair !!

thank s for a great day and to all the others that turned up look forward to doing it again hope more folk turn up next time

Sunday 5th June 2005, 23:56
Haha yer a funny guy Mark al give ye that lol

Heres your interpretation on the day lol



Monday 6th June 2005, 11:40
Awesome day guys!!! ... or should i say recievers!?!?
banter was classic,
Fraz defo put the pics in the gallery - i'll email mine to justin too.
for a volvo meet we hardly talked about volvo's hahah
was great lads cheers!
ps charlie and badger - did u manage to get pics from out the sunroof!??!

Monday 6th June 2005, 19:30
Well as already said it was a top day out - cheers Fraz.

Where do we fancy for the next one?

What about Crail? Knockhill?

Any suggestions?


Monday 6th June 2005, 21:08
either or bob-
how bout we meet up qt knockhill when somehins happenin, btcc etc???
end of aug - sept?

Monday 6th June 2005, 23:29
Bob - the falkirk wheel would be good!, local to us, lol


Tuesday 7th June 2005, 02:05
A spoke to Charlie (cegs40t) earlier and decided seen as it was such a great day out and we had such a laugh that we have to do this again before the summers over, so whats everyone doing tomorrow??? lol

Seriously tho am open to suggestions, a was thinking August seen as the calenders empty, so whats the thoughts on a saturday next time so if any Southern Members wanna attend it gives them a bit more time travelling home?

So theres the 6th, 13th, 20th and the 27th, whos free when????

Crail and Knockhills ok but theres no place for decent grub and a pint, the Falkirk Wheels a good idea coz theres a few wee pubs close by with decent car parking

What about Aberfoyle? Trossachs Trail, fantastic scenery, wee twisty roads and good Scottish Bar Meals

Inveraray Castle?

Wasnt there somewhere near Perth mentioned before aswell?

Lets get some ideas in :wink:

Tuesday 7th June 2005, 09:17
Ladies and Gents, Clients and Clientel..........

Im in Fraz wherever, whenever!!!!!!!!!!!
end of august sounds spot on,
i agree tho - too good to wait a year!

Tuesday 7th June 2005, 19:13
Alright Folks

August is good for me as long as it's a saturday.

Yeah Dave the Falkirk wheel would be v.handy - for those not familiar then have a gander at the link and marvel at the engineering!!


But joking aside, I'm open to suggestions for the next one. As Fraz has said a pint, some food and a bit of banter sounds good to me.


Tuesday 7th June 2005, 19:20
In for a penny, in for a pound. I will be attending as long as it aint between the 02 and 19 sep, as I am in Turkey then. Aug will be champion. Possibly some of our English friends could dig out their passport!!!!! lol

Tuesday 7th June 2005, 20:47
Wow i love it when the pics are posted up, Looks like a crackng day for you all, Who travelled the furthest?
That Green S40 they aren't 17" Tritons, The wheels look like 16s So are they the Propus's? but i could be wrong :slap:

They're actually BBS RX's. Only 16's. The 17's are @ 200 each so I'll get another make of 17's when I upgrade!! Possibly TSW Kyalami's.

Tuesday 7th June 2005, 20:53
Hi guys, Sorry we didn't reply before now. Both me and my dad had a great time and are still laughing. August sounds great. we'll be there!!

Titch & Charlie

Tuesday 7th June 2005, 21:16
What a great day! I'm pretty sure the whole gang had some fun & I deffo Know that I did, I don't recognize the tall guy beside me in that pic Fraz, It don't look like C (cegS40t) or your dad, (he was the one kissing fraz goodbye in the pub) I hope you all had a safe trip home, (bit of a daft thing to say as everyone was in a volvo) and I really hope I can make the next trip with you guys as I totally enjoyed all the banter and all the fun!

p.s. did any of you guys see the Karen Dunbar show sketch that covered the falkirk wheel??? If so Ideffo think Barbados is the better choice! :)

Tuesday 7th June 2005, 21:34
Am so glad everyone enjoyed the day, it was such a laugh, end of the day it wasnt all down to me, without you lot it would have been a low day haha

Thanx again for all the support and get your thinking caps on for the nxt outing :wink:

Friday 10th June 2005, 19:12
Looks like you all had a great time great pics Fraz oh and you can count me in for the next one :)

Friday 10th June 2005, 19:20
We did Norm, its a shame you couldnt make it but its more than understandable mate, hope everythings as well as it can be :wink:

The nxt ones on the cards mate, CLICK HERE (http://www.volvot5.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=2512)

Consider yerself added if the dates ok :wink:

Saturday 11th June 2005, 15:24
Cheers mate thanks for the thoughts as they say one day at a time. roll on the next meet up and a chance to stretch the old girls legs a bit :sinner: