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Tuesday 22nd September 2009, 13:39
I've just sold my C70 and started using the V70r again, and I am trying to find out why there is such a vast difference in the sound, the C70 was superb.

There was a seperate volvo amp behind the cd changer in the boot on the coupe and in the V70 there is a box under the drivers seat which I am presuming is the amp for the radio.

I,ve looked at the wiring diagrams for the cars and they show the C70 with only an amp and the V70 has two versions, one without an amp (speakers driven directly from the head unit) and one with a 4x50W amp, is the coupe amplifier more powerful, or is it that the C70 has three speakers in the front doors as opposed to the estates 2 per door, or is there something else?

Tuesday 22nd September 2009, 16:38
Could it be as simple as the C70 had the premier sound pack and the V70 doesn't? It's unlikely that an extra speaker in the door will make as much of a difference as you say. Are both the head units Volvo ones?

Tuesday 22nd September 2009, 18:28
Yep, all standard volvo stuff

Tuesday 22nd September 2009, 19:53
The main, and HUGE, difference will be whether or not it is the premium sound system (PSS). Does it have a speaker in the middle of the dash (above the central air vents)? If so, your V70 has been kitted out for PSS, but that's not to say the head unit is compatible (it may have been changed by a previous owner?) or or wired up correctly. Also, the PSS came fitted with extra speakers in the door so, like you've said, that might be a clue.
As far as I'm aware (and I stand to be corrected) the only head unit capable of DSS for the V70R was the SC901.
Pop it down to your main stealer, I'm sure they'll be able to shed some light on it for you (he said, tongue in cheek!)