View Full Version : lcd display illumination ???

Monday 14th September 2009, 19:44
the lcd display illumination in my stereo has stopped working
does anyone know if its possible to fix this anyway ???
its the standard unit in a 1998 v70 has 1 cd and a tape in the head unit not sure of the model , maybe sc805 ?? sorry cars not home at the mo
thanks wellsy..

Monday 14th September 2009, 19:52
assuming it is the bulbs its not difficult, there are about 5 IIRC

and (But don't hold me to this) part number is 30618290

Rufe should be able to help (SC802 and 805 have same bulbs, little twist base and a blue rubber cover over bulb)

I had a play a few years back, and its worth moving bulbs around, as a blown bulb in one position can stop others working, so it may only be one bulb blown, but can take some playing to find which one

Monday 14th September 2009, 20:25
thanks i will take a look .tommorow night
its only a little thing i know but its one of my pet hates things not lighting up that should , sad i know
thanks wellsy..

Monday 14th September 2009, 22:03
Its a simple 5 minute job

Tuesday 15th September 2009, 03:17
Its a simple 5 minute job

the Viking will fix it for you.. i hear he is good with his hands....:hidesbehi

Tuesday 15th September 2009, 18:12
i have just taken my stereo to bits , i plugged the front back in with the black facia off and all the bulbs work ok .
it looks like the lcd display is housed in a metal cowl which apears to be solderedonto the main pcb .
not sure if i unsoldered this there would be any bulb behind i could replace ?
thanks for all help cheers wellsy..