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Sunday 13th September 2009, 21:41
Have to say a big thanks to some of you guys for answering some of my previous questions-so here is another one!! lol

My car has a built in phone but I have to take the sim card from my phone and fit in the holder in the glovebox which is a pain in the neck when jumping in and out of the car so I had a parrot kit fiited.

Great piece of kit but they had a problem when installing it. It should connect to the existing audio cables and the incoming call should come through the cars speakers but my car has a factory fitted amp so they couldn`t connect it through the cars radio. They fitted an external speaker and mounted under the dashboard in the passenger side,behind the soundproofing cover. Great idea, but at motorway speeds it`s a wee bit hard to hear. My car has a centre speaker on top of the dashboard but I never use it as I feel the audio is better with it turned off.

Now,here`s the question - can I use the centre speaker as the speaker for my Parrot kit?

Obviously I would have to dis-connect it from the rest of the sound system but,as I said earlier,I don`t use it anyway.

It would be handy if I could as it`s right in the middle of the dashboard and should be a lot easier to hear!

Hope you guys can help!



Monday 14th September 2009, 08:22
yes you can as the 5.1 is controld by the amp/radio cheers

Monday 21st September 2009, 21:27

Got it sorted today and wired through the dashboard speaker and it works great!

Thanks for your help!