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Saturday 4th June 2005, 19:15
Can anyone tell if they have an S70 or post 97 V70 T5/R with a fitted as standard turbo boost gauges (trio of gauges on the left - temp, fuel and boost)?

I know that some of the older 850's did (my 95 850 T5 did not), but it seem mad to produce an "R" model and not give it a turbo boost gauge as standard!

Does anyone know if this can be retro fitted (not an A pillar after market fit) I have a 1998 S70R.

Cheers Terry.

Saturday 4th June 2005, 19:16
No volvo T5 ever came with all of those, only the 850 had a boost gauge in the dash and the X70 series has none, the only way is to retro fit mate :)