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Sunday 9th August 2009, 10:13
I had my renewal through the post the other day... I nearly collapsed!:slap:

I'm with Bell Insurance, and the renewal on the V50 T5 was 675.26! I nearly collapsed! It went up!

I'm 27, 9 years NCD, 1 extra named driver on policy, No Accidents, Convictions!

So I went on Confused.com, and found elephant.co.uk were the cheapest, here's the best bit... I've actually added a few extra's on the new policy:

BSR PPC Stage 1 (258bhp) - (412Nm)
JR Performance Panel Air Filter

Also, I rung Volvo On Call (VOC) because according to them the car has a tracker, so that brought the insurance premiem down a bit.

Anyway with all that... elephant.co.uk wanted 599.25!

So, I rung Bell Insurance, and told them I wanted to stop the renewal and that I found it cheaper else where, they said they would try to match it with the modifications... closest was 850! I said 'No, Way'... anyway... then they asked 'Who did you find it cheaper with?' When I told them elephant.co.uk, they said 'ahhh, ok... thats one of our sister companies... we will match that now'... MENTAL!!!:mad:

So anyway... all sorted now.:rolleyes2

The new BSR PPC Unit arrives next week... will I be the only V50 T5 on here with this kit? Does anybody else have it installed?

Anyway will let you know the outcome, gonna get it rolling roaded at 'Torque of the Devil' too for a power graph.

Sunday 9th August 2009, 10:42
It sounds like your hard work paid off there with the searching around. I always make sure I don't accept the default renewal quote as they're nearly always more than the previous year - for me at least anyway.

Did you try the insurer on here? (Chris Knott)?

I will be interested in your review of BSR and the rolling road chart as I have read quite a bit about other re-maps. i'll keep an eye out :)