View Full Version : I'm having a bad time

Tuesday 31st May 2005, 19:12
I'm doomed :slap:

First the dealer knacks my locking wheel nuts....causing ripe language and loss of hair by the handful.........not a lot to begin with!!

NOW!!!! both of my headlamp motors have gone south :bog: :bog:

How difficult is it for a single celled mutant i.e....me to replace both motors without having to resort to much alcohol and mumbling?

I'm at my wits end......

All help appreciated


p fandango
Tuesday 31st May 2005, 20:31
is it quite a mare, remove the wiper arm, the panel under the headlamps has a clip just inside the bonnet holding it to the slam panel, the other side just push fits into a bracket under the indicator. Behind than panel you'll find 2 bolts (2 or 3 not sure), undo these & the motor can be removed through the engine bay, the wires are on a plug so unplug that & its then a case of getting it up through the small gap & passed all the wiring in the bay. As for refitting i've no idea because i just brought new panels without holes for the wipers (but would thought it would be very hard because of getting it back into the correct place & lining it up with the holes in the metal)


Tuesday 31st May 2005, 20:40
if BOTH motors have gone at once I would check that it's not something else that's at fault. I wouldn't expect both to pack up at once, check the wiring and fuses etc before pulling half the car apart....

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 31st May 2005, 23:17
Or do what I did and disconnect them - never have to worry then

p fandango
Tuesday 31st May 2005, 23:45
Or do what I did and disconnect them - never have to worry then
if your going to do that isn't it worth spending 10 for the blank panels & getting rid of them properly

Tuesday 31st May 2005, 23:50
Personally speaking, I removed mine because a) all they did was scratch up my headlamp protectors, b) they were in perfect working order and I sold them to pay for my heat-wrap tape, and c) less weight, less drag, who can argue? :)