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Saturday 18th July 2009, 13:57
Just bought the wife a s40 xs 1.8i not knowing much about it yet appart from its a volvo got a couple of ?. The srs light is on in the dash i thought it was a seat belt light to start with until i looked in the cars manual then i thought oh not so good lol
now i asume theres a obd2 socket some where any clues to where i might find it please lol. Now can i use my code reader for my 850T5 little black box push button 3 wires one led or do i need a diffrent one and can i stop power going to the blow up doll in the steering wheel as i dont think the mrs would fancy trying to drive with a face full of plastic and a white bag if it deploys lol. cheers Ady

Saturday 18th July 2009, 14:37
Im sure the light being on means there is a fault, wouldn't have thought the bag will go off as is.

Thursday 23rd July 2009, 23:59
Im sure the light being on means there is a fault, wouldn't have thought the bag will go off as is.

Don't trust these damned things. I'd get it looked at,personally.

Friday 24th July 2009, 01:23
I can only help you as my mates 320 Beemer just had the same problem a few weeks back. Automatically everyone including me and my mate thinks the worst, damn what if the airbag pops out. Well good news, we were assured by our mechanic, a mate of mine and a Volvo time served technician that this won't happen. When the airbag light comes on the airbag wont work, even in an accident, it is a safety feature to prevent it deploying without notice. More good news, your first idea could be right, the reason her airbag light came on in the first place was due to the seat belt. The seat belts and airbags are conected, what happened to my mates 320 was simple. With the seat being adjusted back and forward over time the little cable connected to the seat belt under the passengers seat came loose. A very easy fix, however in order to get the airbags switched on again (light out) it needs to be plugged into a computer and I don't know if yours would work. But now the best news of all, this fix cost my mate the grand total of nothing, could be cause the mechanic is our mate but if it had been worth anything substantial I'm sure he'd have charged something. Good luck, keep us posted.

Tuesday 11th August 2009, 11:11
Thanks Boman
im glad its de activated when the lights on as i dont have to drive with my my hand over the centre of the steering or with my head tilted to the side lol the wife drives it normaly me not a chance allways ready for the worst or just could be im a male and knows what could happen woman tend to worry about it after the fact pmsl cheers chap Ady