View Full Version : Wooosh

Monday 23rd May 2005, 18:08
Just had my hose replaced that goes to the top of the heatermatrix and joins to the bulkhead of the car.

Accelerating down the motorway sliproad and woooosh, my back screen is covered in coolant and the red coolant light comes on.

All the coolant was dumped out the back. Managed to get off motorway about 1 mile down road and got recovered. Pushed hose back in and Filled back up with coolant and took it to dealers to get fixed.

It appears tickover is still fine so Im praying no damage done, e.g. blown head gasket, warpped head, but well wait and see.

Im starting to think i ougth to do all work myself!!

Monday 23rd May 2005, 18:45
If you want something done right! Do it yourself!!!!!