View Full Version : 850 Automatic transmission Diagnostic codes

Wednesday 17th November 2004, 17:24
1-1-1 no fault
1-1-2 solenoid s1 circuit short to 12 volts
1-1-3 ECU fault
1-1-4 break in drive mode selector circuit
1-2-1 Solenoid s1 circuit short to earth
1-2-2 break in solenoid s1 circuit
1-2-3 solenoid STH circuit short to earth
1-2-4 driving mode selector circuit short to earth
1-3-1 solenoid STH circuit break or short circuit to earth
1-3-2 fault in ECU
1-3-4 incorrect ignition module load signal
1-4-1 oil temp sensor circuit short to earth
1-4-2 break in oil temp sensor circuit
1-4-3 kickdown switch circuit short to earth
2-1-1 fault in ECU
2-1-2 solenoid S2 circuit short to 12 volts
2-1-3 throttle position signal too high
2-2-1 solenoid S2 circuit short to earth
2-2-2 break in solenoid s2 circuit
2-2-3 throttle position signal too low
2-3-1 irregular throttle position signal
2-3-2 no vehicle speed sensor signal
2-3-3 incorrect speedometer signal
2-3-5 oil temp too high
2-4-5 torque limiting circuit brake or short circuit to earth
3-1-1 No transmission RPM sensor signal
3-1-2 transmission RPM sensor signal faulty
3-1-3 gear position sensor (PNP) -incorrect signal
3-2-2 incorrect gear ratio for given roadspeed
3-2-3 lock up slippage or not engaging
3-3-1 solenoid SL circuit short to 12 volts
3-3-2 solenoid S2 circuit -brake in circuit
3-3-3 solenoid S2 circuit short to earth