View Full Version : Phase 2 parts on phase 1

Monday 2nd March 2009, 22:33
Are there any phase 2 parts which fit phase 1 S40s? I think the P2 lights and front bumper styling are a real improvement on them, has anyone done this already?

Tuesday 3rd March 2009, 03:31
The front bumper won't fit but the headlights are the same between the two phases.

Tuesday 3rd March 2009, 12:12
Could the p2 bumpers be made to fit? by that I mean are they the same dimensions and its the steel subframe that's different? Or are they completely different I.e different sizes from frame to bonnet, wider wings etc...

Tuesday 3rd March 2009, 21:09
Only difference I see on the later cars is that they have smoked front indicators and the headlight bezels are black instead of chrome. I think I can get the same effect by just painting the bezels and buying some phase 2 indicators :)

Tuesday 3rd March 2009, 23:07
phase 2 bumpers are shorter on the sides iirc.. have seen a phase two bumper put on a phase one but i think they cut and extended the bumper to make the wheel arch work... much work and bodging envolved..

Wednesday 4th March 2009, 13:25
erm ph2 is longer (depth) so the wings don't marry up properly, they will fit but will look odd......basically the wheels look to far back in the arch is all but they are a direct fit

Thursday 5th March 2009, 12:20
my bad.. wrong way round!

Thursday 5th March 2009, 12:58
lol no worries mate it is all far too confusing this swapping parts lark.