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Saturday 21st February 2009, 17:14
I have just got an Ipod classic and I was wondering which is the best way to play it through my SC-805 head unit. I have seen one device made by DICE which uses FM-RDS technology. This is a module with three electrical connections that plugs directly to the car aerial lead which is then tuned to a choice, (using DIP switches) of 3 FM channels. I don't want an FM transmitter type so this hardwired option seems good.
However the SC-805 has the CD changer plug socket which isn't used. Is there an interface lead which uses the CD changer socket?

S Singh
Saturday 21st February 2009, 17:20
If memory serves me right autoleads do a straight adaptor to add an auxilary input to your sc radio, using this u can jus connect it straight to you headunit and it will think it is a cd changer. i try and find the part number for you.

I lie, it is a connect2 product:


Hope that helps.

Wednesday 25th February 2009, 18:53
I've fitted the Universal DICE Electronics interface for iPod with FM RDS technology and it's superb. I got the pro-install kit which comprises; interface unit, antenna/power cable and iPod dock cable. It took about 45 minutes to install. The most difficult bit was routing the dock cable from the centre console armrest storage space to the back of the head-unit. It works a treat, track info is displayed and the sound quality is as good as my CD player is. The installation is completely hidden when the armrest is down. Well pleased. For more info go to www.diceelectronics.com

Wednesday 25th February 2009, 19:23
The most difficult bit was routing the dock cable from the centre console armrest storage space to the back of the head-unit.

I was thinking of routing my USASpec Ipod cable to the centre console. Do you have to take the console out? What do you have to do?

S Singh
Saturday 28th February 2009, 00:55
I got the USA SPEC PA11-VOL connected to my head unit, to install it i needed to remove the radio(whole console for my s60) to get to the back of the radio. on the back of the radio you will have a connector to attach a cd changer, the lead from the USA Spec device connects to this, in addition to this you will need to connect a 12V supply (just tap into the one going into the radio).

For SC radios you need PA11 HON but double check this when ordering.

Installtion is simple. I also ran my ipod cable into my centre armrest so i can put the ipod in there, well worth it, but takes a little while if you dont want to break anything.