View Full Version : Anyone dealt with PGI in Farnham ?

Sunday 15th May 2005, 16:09
I am consdiering purchasing a car from them and considering paying a reasonable dealer price in view of their 3 year warranty and the fact that they will check teh car over, service it and repaint any scratched areas before I pick it up.

I guess this will only be worth it if their warranty is good and they are honourable and trustworthy ?

would be interested in hearing about any experiences there, both negative and positive.



Sunday 15th May 2005, 16:22
Any dealer will offer a warranty on used cars which im guessing your after, they normally come with 2 years and again any dealer will offer to fix any problems with the car as they pay less for them in the first place so this is already built into their profit.

If their a big dealer and reputable in the area shouldnt be a problem, however read their warranty extensively and find out who actually supplies the warranty as probably wont be the dealer, some of them are worth nothing.

Sunday 15th May 2005, 17:01
its their own warranty and they carry out the work
it only covers gearbox, engine, starter motor and alternator

Sunday 15th May 2005, 19:19
Honoured their warranty when my ETS unit (throttle body ME7) failed. Can't have been cheap for them but then again this is what you are paying for.

If they offer any service work included in the purchase price be sure to obtain details in advance and check to make sure the work has been completed. They missed the frayed serpentine belt and air filter on my 'inclusive' 80K service but did the cam belt and brakes!!

No major gripes though, found them to be reasonable and communicative.

Monday 30th October 2006, 17:56
Thanks For Your Comments- At Pgi We Do Try To Please all our Customers And You Are Right It Does Sometimes Cost A Fair Bit

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 11:18
Why is every PGI thread being bumped! Arrrgh!

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 15:56
With Regards PGI Threads Being "bumped". False And Mis-leading Info Was Being Placed By A Suspected Competitor,one Thread Even Appeared To Have An Advert-or Website Address IncludedPGI Is Very Much In Business With A Full Compliment Of Cars And Twenty Staff Who Rely On Wages To Pay Their Mortgages,all of which Would Appreciate The One Or Two Idiots Who Think Writing Un-true Statements On This Forum Is Adult Would Stop Writing Such Insulting Messages With View To Encourage A Chinese Whisper Style Assasination Of A 14 Year Old Small Business.PGI Sell 1000 Cars A Year There Will Always Be One Or Two Disgruntled Customers However the specific Claims here Have Been Grossly Exagerated And Personally When Anyone Resorts To Using Words Such As Scumbag And Knob I Cant Take Them Seriously.Anyway Thanks For Your Question I Hope That Is The Answer

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 16:01
Davey, please stop using caps for the first letter of nearly every word as it makes it quite hard to read for old folks like me!


"With regards pgi threads being "bumped". False and mis-leading info was being placed by a suspected competitor, one thread even appeared to have an advert-or website address included. PGI is very much in business with a full compliment of cars and twenty staff who rely on wages to pay their mortgages who would appreciate the one or two idiots who think writing un-true statements on this forum is adult would stop writing such insulting messages trying with view to encourage a chinese whisper style assasination of a 14 year old small business. PGI sell 1000 cars a year there will always be one or two disgruntled customers however their claims have been grossly exagerated and personally when anyone resorts to using words such as scumbag and knob I cant take them seriously.anyway thanks for your question I hope that is the answer."

is far easier to read :)


Tuesday 31st October 2006, 16:06
Thanks! thats better!

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 18:31
Shouldn't "anyway" have a capital "A"?

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 18:39
lol yes. Thought it was a comma but I've had a bit of a problem with a bleed in the left eye today so can't focus to read too well. I think the doctor said to drink loads of alcohol to help cure it, well they weren't the exact words that came out of her mouth but I know what she was trying to say ;)

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 18:42
Technically a sentence shouldnt start with 'anyway'. :)

Neevo, you could have added some carriage returns too

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 18:49
Are we going to introduce proof readers of the proof readers?

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 19:50
Technically a sentence shouldnt start with 'anyway'. :)

Neevo, you could have added some carriage returns too

Tuesday 31st October 2006, 23:21
Are we going to introduce proof readers of the proof readers?

Maybe some legal ones at that