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Friday 13th May 2005, 12:35
I think thursday was really friday the 13th i managed to catch the front mudflap of my V70 T5 between the front tyre and a drain cover sticking up at work (couldn't see it in the dark).It has pulled the bottom fixings away and now the section of wing between the door and the wheel arch no longer seems secure does anyone know if the mudflap fixings hold the wing steady or if i have a bigger problem.I was only just moving when it happened and it doesnt seem to have been high enough to have hit the sill.Any advice will be a great help.

Wobbly Dave
Friday 13th May 2005, 13:53
If you bring it to mine I will fix it for you.

Friday 13th May 2005, 15:53

Is there any end to your knowlege, usefulness and helpfulness?

Rich, if Dave can fix it then great. I don't think you will have done too much damage because AFAIK the wing is held in place between the wheel arch and door by the rivets that hold the mudflaps in place.



Friday 13th May 2005, 17:43
Dave thanks mate the springs made a huge difference. If you dont mind helping me out that would be great.When are you available as it does seem to be quite loose?

Also thanks Andy youre knowledge has helper reassure me that nothing major has happened

Wobbly Dave
Saturday 14th May 2005, 00:32
you will probably just have pulled the rivets through - it's only plastic.

Saturday 14th May 2005, 01:28
I did the same once while i was angry,Reversed the car up the low kerb outside my house and misjudged it,Instead of moving forward i just revved it more and tore it right off.As Dave stated the rivots will have all popped off and maybe even made the holes bigger in the mudflap.

Saturday 14th May 2005, 10:27
Cheers Dave will ring you later