View Full Version : Fault Code Reader Thingys!

Monday 15th November 2004, 19:27
Just seen one of these on ebay (in fact hes sellin a couple of them for about 45) are they any good?
or is it a bit like asking Bubbles the Monkey to read Shakespeare in a thespian voice?!?!?!?

Just seems to cheap to be of any use but that also kind of sums up ebay in general :eek:

Monday 15th November 2004, 23:34
Try to figure out the brand name of the one on eBay then see what brand IPDUSA is selling, I would say IPD would be selling a well-proven brand. I would be carefull of off brands, if there is such a thing. It does sound like these things can be a bit universal, meaning you can use on many makes of cars. I'd want to get the best. This is going to be my next investment. Keep me posted on this one hey?

Bubbles the Monkey ?


Tuesday 16th November 2004, 00:05
not sure if i'm aloud to link to items on ebay or not but this is the item in question


looks like the lower end of the build quality ladder and doesnt have a name in the advert tho!

PS. Bubbles the Monkey!!!! Wako Jakos favourate thing to spank on a night time :shifty:

Tuesday 16th November 2004, 00:10
Didi you check out the one at IPD?


Tuesday 16th November 2004, 00:16
OK that thing on eBay looks like the Television Channel Jammer I built in High School, very scary, :eek: and can you believe people put pictures that are that messed up on eBay auctions expecting some one to purchase the turds they have for sale.


Tuesday 16th November 2004, 00:17
Just had a look there mate and they look 10 times better than the one on ebay, gotta be worth the extra cash!

Cheers :thewave: