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Sunday 18th January 2009, 09:23
Thought I would write this as I couldn't find one and there are a few tips that are worth imparting. Sorry no pics.

1. Loosen Front wheel nuts, jack up front of car support on axle stands and remove wheels.
2. Remove plastic spray guard on lower control arm. Try not to snap bits off, as it's quite awkward.
3. Remove two bolts connecting the control to the subframe. (18mm & 15mm sockets)
4. Remove the ball joint clamp retaining bolt on the hub carrier (15mm &13mm sockets)
5. Using a cold chisel try and spread the clamp a little. Then tap downwards on the control arm (near to the ball joint) using a heavy hammer to progress the disconnection. Be careful not to damage the rubber gaiter around the ball joint.
6. Remove the control arm. Repeat from 2 for the other side
7. Now prepare to do battle with the bushes. YOU WILL NEED A METALWORK VICE AND BENCH!

Removing the old bushes from arm required an attack on the rubber (between the inner metal tube and the outside. Basically the method is to denude it as much as possible. I used a drill to drill lots of holes in it. Someone else mentioned using a hole saw which would work well I would imagine. Using the vice and 11mm socket try and push the metal centre tube out as far as you can. Then put the protruding tube in the vice, and clamp hard. Try and manually rotate the arm around the centre tube. Eventually you will hear and feel the rubber fail (very satisfying) and the metal tube can be removed.

8. Now we need to work on the metal outer case of the bush. Put a hacksaw blade through the hole left by the removal of the centre tube. Cut down through the metal case being careful not to cut into the control arm (too much). Now use the vice to crush and deform the metal. You should find it is now possible to tap it out using a hammer and punch.

Repeat 7 & 8 on the other bushes. Practice seems to help and the last one you will do much quicker than the first one :-).

9. Now we can insert the new bushes. Use the copper grease supplied. I found that it is important which way these are inserted. The bush consists of the main bush (T shape) and a ring which sits on the protrusion of the bush to make the H shape. THE RINGS SHOULD BE ON THE INSIDE FACING EACH OTHER! If you do it any other way the arm wont fit back on the car.

The bushes can be inserted by hand, and finished in the vice. If you have a large socket to push against (35mm or so ) that is very helpful.

10. Refit the control arms to the car. I used the club hammer to bash them back into place as the new bushes are tighter. The manual recommends using new bolts to refit. I used some copper grease on the ball joint connector which helped its reinsertion.

11. Torque up the inner bolts to 65Nm + 120degress rotation and the ball joint clamp to 50Nm.

12. Put the plastic spray guards back on.

12. Bolt the wheels back on, drop the car down and tighten the wheel nuts.

Sunday 30th October 2011, 21:57
I will just add that you may not need to use the hacksaw method to get the old one out. I think Mr Mosse suggests a bit of threaded rod, a bit of tube and a socket. I used a vice - posted a quick video on the Tube


Hope it helps - its easy enough really. My first go at video so that side of things will improve.