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Sunday 7th December 2008, 09:09
Can anyone tell me what's involved in replacing the two small speakers located under the grills at either end of the top of the dashboard please? They have started to distort and buzz. Do they have to be original or is there another suitable repplacement?

Jon K
Sunday 7th December 2008, 12:21
Hi There,

My car is a 96 850 and I am assuming it is similar

It is pretty straight forward. Carefully lift the grilles out and then you will see your tweeter on a mounting plate. There should be 2 trim clips to lift out. From memory the trim clips are the type where you push a pin through the middle to do them up.

Your best bet for a quick and easy fix is to replace them with the same type. However I fitted a set of 13cm components and the tweeter fit into the same mounting plate (I cut the old ones up).

Hope that helps. .


Wednesday 28th January 2009, 19:34
Do any of the other models speakers fit? V70 etc. are they any better?
I think half of mine aren't working anymore due to a particularly bass worthy CD :cuckoo:

Wednesday 28th January 2009, 21:20
I've got a complete set of speakers sitting here from my V70 if you fancy trying... :)