View Full Version : Replacing the front struts.

Thursday 5th May 2005, 15:49
At the weekend myself and Dave Red,are replacing my front struts and also fitting lowered uprated springs front and rear,
I read in the Haynes that you have to buy new nuts and bolts,Surely with half a ounce of sense you would look at the condition of the said Nuts and bolts and torque them back on and use thread lock?
I can't see it justifying the Volvo prices anyone shed some light?


Thursday 5th May 2005, 15:50
Is it because they are torqued and then angle-tightened, and the Haynes Rule-of-Thumb says you should always replace angle-tightened bolts?

Interesting q.


Thursday 5th May 2005, 16:02
Yes i read the part about angle tightening,Now i wonder if Kwikfit relpaces the nuts and bolts with new ones?

Thursday 5th May 2005, 16:15
Just went up the road to a garage,They have never known a car to have new nuts are bolts replaced,Only if they are damaged,Or is they are adjusting bolts i.e for camber adjustment,
So i'll clean then up and thread lock'em.

Thursday 5th May 2005, 16:36
Can't wait to get rid of my old worn out shocks,It's like driving a boat on bends,I have nearly lost the car a couple of times with this tired set up,Now for a transformation,Car had a Oil and filter change today,Lots of love for the Ovlov but the missus is getting jealous,Or is it to do with spending more money on the car lol,
I can't wait for my turbo to expire next, hahahaha.Only way i can upgrade the car without causing troubles.

Friday 6th May 2005, 08:19
How much are you anticipating to pay to get it alligned after you have fitted the struts Gary? This would be my route at upgrading the suspension and am interested in the 'hidden' costs (like you have mentioned nuts, bolts etc. too) that you don't automatically consider from the off.
Did you use the guide at http://members.shaw.ca/heeeeee/strut/ as well as the haynes? Is it realistic?

Friday 6th May 2005, 09:41
Hi Nick All i am looking at is getting the Tracking redone,Kwikfit do 4 wheel laser tracking for 25 inc,
Haven't read that page yet but will do,It looks a straight forward job,As my replacements are pre assembled,But you never know what rusty nuts and bolts can do to you. :slap: Tempting fate now :troutslap

Friday 6th May 2005, 12:46
Aren't the struts a bit complicated to get right in terms of camber and toe angles? Good luck with it anyway mate!!

Friday 6th May 2005, 12:49
Aren't the struts a bit complicated to get right in terms of camber and toe angles? Good luck with it anyway mate!!

Anyone add to that?Cuz i don't know lol,All i know is i am not puttting my michellin sports on untill the tracking has been done :B_steerin

Wobbly Dave
Saturday 7th May 2005, 00:09
There is no camber or toe adjustment possible with the struts you are putting on.

Friday 13th May 2005, 22:33
Hi Everyone sorry about the delay in getting a pic up of the new look of the car, It has been lowered about 40mm and has transformed the car,
Also had new drop links replaced at the same time, Now the car has been cleaned you can see for yourselves what a ex plod with 144k can look like :)
I am in love :remybussi


Friday 13th May 2005, 23:14
Does look good. Really good

Are those your 17" wheels cos your rear still looks a little high? or is it my beer can affecting viewing angle?
:anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower :anmflower

Wobbly Dave
Saturday 14th May 2005, 00:38
The angle is deceptive - for a kick off Gary is running on 18" rims and the ride height is the same as my 850R

Saturday 14th May 2005, 01:25
As Dave said it does look as it is a lot deceptive/higher at the back, It is 2 fingers from arch to tyre on the rears and one finger on the fronts,
I had the same angle on my other T5 with the back end sitting slightly higher as that had lowered springs too.
If i get these 215/35/18s tyres then i will get a pair of cheapies for the rears and leave the fronts at 225/40/18s till they have worn out.That will get here to sit level,
Anyone else had this with there set up on their T5s?