View Full Version : whats a s/v 40 like

t5 pete
Sunday 23rd November 2008, 19:13
my misses is hopefully just about to pass her test and would like to keep the volvo family what are s/v 40's like im thinking of the 1.6 also do they do the 16v head on these is there any common faults on these models
cheers pete

Sunday 23rd November 2008, 19:53
The only thing I can recommend is go for the 1.8 the 1.6 is a bit gutless and wont pull out of dangerous situations but the 1.8 has a bit more poke.
The S/V40 on a whole are good cars fairly comfy not like your T5 but more so than its rivals i.e Vectra and the Passat. There a quite car and will return good mpg and with all Volvo’s there safe.

Sunday 23rd November 2008, 23:57
If she's driving it after just passing her test, it probably won't matter, but I find it quite nose-heavy.

They're comfortable, reliable enough (the accepted wisdom I think is to go for later cars due to slightly iffy build issues on the earlier ones in 97-98 [I have an early one, couple of switches out, some loose trim, nothing serious]).

Typical Volvo - safe too, 4* NCAP is pretty good, especially given their age!

Monday 24th November 2008, 19:08
My better half loves her 98 V40; never misses a beat, all the comfy bits such as leather and heated seats..., very practical and gets around 30mpg on a petrol 2ltr turbo.

Damn sight better than my sodding V70R - grrr!

Tuesday 25th November 2008, 21:56
i have a 98 v40 diesel. very comfy. easy to handle and 45mpg.

Wednesday 26th November 2008, 22:59
If you can go for a diesel sport mate, 115bhp standard (D4192T3 engine code) and 44+mpg depending on how heavy footed you drive. Check for any knocks from suspension and general wear an tear if it looks a bit tatty it probably is! Happy hunting.