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Thursday 11th November 2004, 16:19
Ready to get confussed ???


This is a picture of a 20g Mitsubishi turbo, specifically a Mitsubishi TD06-20G Turbo. Now up until around 10 mins ago i thought the line up of turbo's produced by mitsubishi were as follows. 15g 16T 18T and 19T. Now this has thrown me, and i have had a bit of an explanation but nothing that really helps me to understand. Per G or T of Mitsubishi turbo's there are different models also like the 20g has a smaller brother called the Mitsubishi TD05-20G Turbo.

i could go on with models and varients - but if anyone knows anymore ?!?!

Friday 12th November 2004, 15:13
Strange that not 1 person knows anything about Mitsubishi turbos :eek:

Pedro Fandango
Friday 12th November 2004, 15:25
i've never looking into changing mine

Friday 10th December 2004, 08:56

Super 20G

Model: TDO6H-20G-TDO5H-10CM2

Maximum HP Capacity: 500

Optimal HP Range: 300-450 HP

Mounting (turbine inlet)*: T3 style

Exhaust (turbine outlet)*: 3-bolt flange, part number H TZ-7180

Compressor Inlet: accepts 2 ˝” hose

Compressor Outlet: accepts 2” hose

Oil Inlet*: 12 x 1.5mm straight thread

Oil Outlet*: 2-bolt flange, part number H TZ-7190

Optional water-cooling ports: included

Super 20G is a ‘hybrid’, similar in concept to the T3-T4 but vastly superior for street use due to its modern and efficient design. We use a TDO5H-10cm2 turbine section mated to a TDO6H-20G compressor. The result is a unit that will support up to 500HP, yet delivers the best low-speed street characteristics available for such power capability. Like the Super 16G, it’s also a good choice for stock engines that will be upgraded internally later, as it can be run at low boost levels safe for a stock engine (typically 5-8 PSI), then turned up later after you improve the engine’s internals. The internal wastegate is super-effective, and can be ordered with your choice of adjustable wastegate actuators (click here). These actuators are also available separately should you decide to change boost levels in the future.


Friday 10th December 2004, 09:40
Bracer babe - can you make your pics a little smaller??


Friday 10th December 2004, 09:42
I thought you always said "Bigger the Better" :hidesbehi