View Full Version : Hirsch 9-5 vs V70R

dave stew
Sunday 26th October 2008, 11:40
Worth a look!


Sunday 26th October 2008, 12:55
Had the misses look as this (swedish, aren't i lucky)

Rough translation is (only listening on laptop speakers which aren't very loud)

Round 1 - Value for money - volvo won
Round 2 - Comfort - Same marks
Round 3 - Safety - Same marks
Round 4 - Design (think it is) - Volvo won
Round 5 - Driving experience - Volvo won

V70 r awd quicker on track (about 2 - 3 seconds quicker)
Too mumch horsepower in the saab as it's only front wheel drive. Alot harder to drive the saab quick to get the most out of it. Very good steering though.

The bit of the film clip where you are looking at the foot well of the saab, some the interior doesn't come like that, you have to pay extra 30,000 kronor,
about 2300.

All in all, volvo is better (one of these on ebay at the moment)