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Monday 2nd May 2005, 07:15
I've seen some wheels on ebay which I'm interested in, but don't know if they'll fit.
They are 17" Tethys from an S60, and I have a 95' 850 estate, which has standard suspension.
Can anyone tell me if they will fit?
cheers farmermo

Pedro Fandango
Monday 2nd May 2005, 09:09
yeh no problem, all Volvo 5 studs wheels have the same fitment

Monday 2nd May 2005, 09:57
pedros right but only from the late 850 onwards :drunk:
the 200/700/900 series had a different offset
and there was an edition of the 850 with 4 studs
but 960 V90 most 850's - all the way throught to current includiing S60 all have the same five stud fitments

Monday 2nd May 2005, 18:01
thanks people
very helpful