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Sunday 1st May 2005, 23:35
Guys your help is needed

I have a 2001 v70 and every once in a while the brake lights stick on even when the car is parked
I have been told that they flicker on and off by a friend following me the other week, almost brought on a fit apparently, any ideas suggestions
Also anyone know about reprogramming key fobs i saw it on the site a while back but couldnt find the solution anywhere..... i have to say i am a bit pants on searching on computers


Sunday 1st May 2005, 23:56
The guys will know more as i have an 850 but it sounds like your brake sender switch is either knackered or needs cleaening up. WD40 style?

It no doubt sits behind your brake pedal.

Also flickering brake lights indicates a damaged connection. remove, clean up and check the wiring on our rear light clusters.

Monday 2nd May 2005, 14:17
Cheers for that mate... thought it would be a wd40 cure i have had a play with the wiring today as its nice out .........

Monday 2nd May 2005, 17:53
Flikering on....?
I had a problem that my brake lights did not work at all...Checked the brake light switch mounted on the pedal and found that the mount clip had broken. new on cost about 20 and 2min change now work perfectly. You don't need to remove anything to check the switch just get your head under neath the dash and have a look....give it a wiggle with someone watching the lights from the back.......

Monday 2nd May 2005, 18:30
I have been under there today with some spray oil, so i will see how that goes , i will have to wait til night or get someone to follow me behind

cheers/ keepin me fingers crossed