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Sunday 1st May 2005, 10:31
I've been looking into putting a strut brace on my T5, Does any one know of a good supplier, would like a chrome one if poss. Also was wondering, I have an ABS unit that looks like it might get in the way top right of engine bay behind the air filter, not seen on some other t5's any ideas?


Sunday 1st May 2005, 11:20
Hi, Bison; I'd go for the Volvo one: at least you know it'll fit. They're not much more than the aftermarket ones (about 80). It helps control torque steer a lot. It comes in a satin finish alloy. Maybe you could get it chromed by a plating firm.
Cheers, Chris.

Sunday 1st May 2005, 13:14
Yeah go with the volvo one, good value and will fit, I know OMP do them in a red finish but you have to move things about to make them fit.

Should cost too much to get one chromed.

Sunday 1st May 2005, 16:45
Isn't the volvo version aluminium?Maybe you could get it polished,Don't think you can chrome ally.

Pedro Fandango
Sunday 1st May 2005, 17:06
your right Gary, the Volvo one is brushed Alu while the OMP one is steel

Sunday 1st May 2005, 17:21
so where is the best place to buy the volvo one?


Pedro Fandango
Sunday 1st May 2005, 18:06
any main dealer will be able to get it in for you (had mine in stock when i went) part number is 9204180-5 described as a spring strut

Sunday 1st May 2005, 18:07
Volvo lol :troutslap

Cant think of part number, but i will get it off my car later if noone else posts it.

Pedro Fandango
Sunday 1st May 2005, 18:09
Cant think of part number, but i will get it off my car later if noone else posts it.
beat ya :nutkick:

Monday 2nd May 2005, 01:08
Bison there aren't many things you can buy from Volvo which are a good price for the part,But this has to be it,

Monday 2nd May 2005, 23:13
Have a look at this, email the guy and ask him if he has a buy it now price if he has another one, I got my tail pipe from him 40.00 including P+P. for my T5 genuine volvo part.


If I had the cash I would get one now, but it will have to wait.


Monday 2nd May 2005, 23:37
Its already more than the dealers, think they about 67 inc.

Wednesday 4th May 2005, 18:31
Picked one up from my local main dealer last month [12 hour order] 69 incl vat.

Wobbly Dave
Wednesday 4th May 2005, 23:15
If you are coming to the RR day - Hamish has them on the shelf.