View Full Version : Custom Downpipe 850

Saturday 30th April 2005, 18:46
Getting one made next week. The rest of the exhaust will eventually be 2.5" but someone suggested maybe better to get 3" downpipe, any thoughts on this ??

Saturday 30th April 2005, 21:47
Yeah get AAS to make you the 3' one, thats the set up I had on my C70 were it went into a 2.5' exhaust and it worked well.

Saturday 30th April 2005, 21:58
:rainfro: thats where it's going , wouldn't trust anyone else

Sunday 1st May 2005, 10:36
Thought it would be!

Make sure they fit a race cat aswell for an added bit of BHP.

Sunday 1st May 2005, 17:05
:) You read my mind, thats what will be going for , going to pop up and see Stu on Tuesday to get a price

Tuesday 3rd May 2005, 20:05
Have any luck with getting the downpipe sorted?