View Full Version : Urgent advise prior to purchase

Friday 29th April 2005, 12:40
i have been looking at a p plate t5 estate and there are a couple of faults which may cost a bit and can be used for bargining

1) rear wiper only goes one way then wont return to its start position
2) leak in the aircon

if anyone has any idea about how much these would cost to sort as i said it would be a great bargining tool

Wobbly Dave
Friday 29th April 2005, 12:44
Rear wiper motor - not that expensive to fix.

Air con - it really depends. I would say it would be "large" to fix. Depends how quick the gas escapes, where the leak is and if you are bothered about A/C. Take off 400-500 for the air con to be on the safe side.

Friday 29th April 2005, 12:47
Thing to remember with A/C is that it is not only useful in the summer.

As the air is dried in an air conditioned car it makes demisting in the winter a far more effective process.

Mine is on all year round. Effect on fuel consumption estimated at 10 to 15%. opening a window has the same effect!