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Thursday 28th April 2005, 20:31
help! ive broke my car FUEL PUMP RELAY FUSES??
after the replies from my last post about the problem of my car sometimes losing power i decided to try some diy with haynes,
it was suggested it may be my fuel pump relay
i took out the ashtray to get access to my fuses and relays, saw that there was a fuse for the fuel pump took this out and wiped it etc made sure it was back in firm
i then pushed my hand up to the back where the relays are and pressed them all down in case one was loose
then i started the car up...
but now instantly the idle is searching and goes very low and the car is very hesitant on acceleration!!!!!!
what have i done,
i have recently had the Idle air control valve cleaned and the oil pump replaced etc it was perfect unil i did this, this evening!
have i dislodged something broke it or what!?!?!
please please help


Thursday 28th April 2005, 23:41
If youve not touched anything else at all, you may have damaged one of the relays when pressing them. Ive bought brand new ones and theyve not worked right.

You may have to start a process of elimination......

Go to a breakers yard and get a bunch of relays and fuses (the ones you touched) and replace them one by one......I did this and solved my problem, though that said it was nothing like your problem, but its a very cheap way to find out if you broke something.

If not then have a word with the guys at Volvotuning who may have a better answer for you.

Friday 29th April 2005, 10:58
Maybe the Fuel pump relay know it has been removed has given up,If thats the only one you have removed then start with that one,Phone SALVO and ask how much they are,Won't be much or look on Ebay.

Friday 29th April 2005, 11:11
I have a sheet that details how to test relays that was sent to me from a guy on the VOC forum.

PM me with an e.mail address if you want a copy. It should help you trace the guilty party!

Saturday 30th April 2005, 01:01
i took it to the mecahnics first thing this morning asked them to check the relays in particular the fuel pump relay - they phoned me back and said there was a current going to it so it was fine,
not convinved i went to volvo and bought both available fuel pump relays for the 940 ones green the other white
this evening i followed the instructions replaced the relay - mine was white = cheaper of the 2 and its perfect - better than before on start up etc!!!!!
volvo will take back the unused green relay which is just as well because its 50 quid.
thanks for all the advice at least something good came out of my tampering as i reckon your right i found my intermitent fault by making it permanent!!!!

Saturday 30th April 2005, 01:35
Nice one,Lots of smiles now then :)

Wobbly Dave
Saturday 30th April 2005, 01:40
He's back int'zone!

Saturday 30th April 2005, 12:25

took the car out this morning, first startup revs dropped to low, switched ignition off started again sat perfectle at 700 revs
started driving felt a little more sluggish than usual,
then when i stopped my oil pressure warning light is on!!!!!!!
after having a new switch and pump and changing to thicker oil it was solved how can it be back after replacing the fuel pump relay!?!?
ive put in some fortifier and a fuel system flush until i get down to the mechanics on fri.
any idea!??!!?


Saturday 30th April 2005, 12:43
Found this on brickboard:

"I've owned this car for 6 months with absolutely no problems except a noisy ps pump. Suddenly the oil light went on and i then heard the valves complaining of no oil pressure. After flushing the engine, replacing the filter, oil pump and associated tubes, pickups and valves, it still has the problem. From a cold start the engine will idle for hours, including running the rpms up, and the oil light stays off and there is oil pressure. Then a short trip down the road produces the light and valve noise. After a short cool down everything is ok. Sometimes the light goes on right from cold start up.

Answer: The o-ring on the oil pump suction tube in the oil pan has been pulled inward allowing air to enter. While the pan is off the two o-rings at the pan-to-block joint need to be replaced also."

think this may be my oil pump issue!?
seems same symptoms and seems to have tried all the things i have.

Saturday 30th April 2005, 13:00
Worth a try mate :)