View Full Version : Does anyone have the dimensions for the T5 engine and box ?

Wednesday 27th April 2005, 10:50
Basically, I wanted to find out whether the T5 engine/ box and bits will go in a Golf mk 2. I am sure it will, but with how much effort?

The VW specialist down the road charge from 10000 for an engine conversion. The idea behind this is you drive in and 2-4 weeks later you drive out. In addition to that I am sure you would end up buying monster brakes / wheel and suspension........

The result is 150-180hp. You can add a map to take it to 200-220. But it is a 1800 4 pot and thus torquy but not that torquy.

Browsing around the price list and I came across a project car that you can't really price up the conversion, but it is a R32 engine [3.2 V6 240hp] twin turbo [guess ?300hp] with some nos [guess]. The result is probably more money than the nicest R32 - but quick, seriously quick and FWD.

So baring in mind the Volvo engines are ex Audi (ish) but Audi's are longitudinal and not transverse, like the Volvo stuff. So eventually getting to my point, that if it wasn't too much hassle to squeeze a T5 engine in - it could be a good value conversion, costing a few grand less than a 1.8T and from 225hp, which should be spicy in a 1000 kg golf, but add a map of any description you can have 280+hp / tonne - lol

Wednesday 27th April 2005, 14:31
Think you have slightly more money than sense, but good luck with your theorys! :B_steerin

Wednesday 27th April 2005, 15:45
Would it not be better to put a VR6 engine in and turbo that?
Some components will be universal for sure,


Wednesday 27th April 2005, 15:53
That is probably THE most expensive conversion going, beaten only by the R32 engine. As for having components that match, we are talking about a mk2 golf here. So basically you use all volvo parts including running gear ecu etc.