View Full Version : T4 buyers guide ??

Sunday 31st August 2008, 10:38
Hi.is there a buyers guide on here for the t4.If not what should i be most aware of ?
Was thinking about looking at this

cheers Gary

Sunday 31st August 2008, 18:38
looks a bargain... loving the licence plate - ARG!

when viewing, check the suspension... the bushes around that mileage should be worn/ if not already replaced at the rear, they're not expensive, nor expensive to replace

Monday 1st September 2008, 11:50
Sold !!

Monday 1st September 2008, 19:38
To you?

If so, enjoy!

Monday 1st September 2008, 23:50
Not to me !!

Tuesday 2nd September 2008, 12:33
When I bought my T4, I had no buyers guide, I just liked the look of it and went to see it, drove it and figured it drove okay and the obvious things to check were okay.

I think as long as the car has some sort of provable history, drives strongly and without any poxy hesitation or struggle, no smoke etc and the ride feels okay, you can't go far wrong really.

So far with having mine a few weeks or so, I've had to change a headlight bulb and clean out the IAC valve so that's all I could personally comment on really. There seems to be a fair few around so make sure if you get one, you buy a clean one that looks cared for such as buying one from the club. I paid 1700 for mine but the condition coupled with the mods and the mileage and the all round credentials of the car make it a bargain really, they are a lot of car for the money and if you get one, you will enjoy it so keep looking, another will come up.

It can help to see if you can get a run out in one to get a measure of how a good one should run and feel and then you have a comparison for test drives.