View Full Version : Cambelt change essentials

Saturday 30th August 2008, 00:22
Excuse if this is a repost, but as a bit of cash is involved I want to be sure.

About to book car in for a full belt change, I have picked up that it is good practice to change the water pump & tensioner at the same time.

Is there anything else worth checking/replacing when you are down this far??

Saturday 30th August 2008, 14:05
water pump is good thing change when doin it
and change all the cambelt pullys if you get a cam belt kit it will all come in

Alan M
Tuesday 2nd September 2008, 22:17
The hydralic tensioner may not need to be replaced. I have removed mine a couple of times and it has been okay both times. Get new pulley's though and a water pump. I left my water pump and now hae to go back and replace it, the bearings in it are noisy when cold so it is dying slowly, so I'd say definately change it. The genuine price quotes I got from Rufe for parts are good so I'd say try him.