View Full Version : Strange sound on s40

Monday 25th August 2008, 22:06

Tuesday 26th August 2008, 01:07
does it sound like a chattering noise - similar to a flutter... or like this...


in which case you either have a pipe come loose or a large leak somewhere.....

Tuesday 26th August 2008, 08:50
Hi,i'd be pretty sure that what you have is coincidental to the mbc,it sounds like a common S/V40 problem which is the recirculation motor behind the dash on the n/s.If you press the recirc button on the dash (the one with the three lines forming a circle) it will most likely stop making the noise.If so,it is certainly the recirc motor at fault.This is nothing to do with what you have done and is a bit awkward to get at.The official method is to pull the dash away at that side,the unofficial way is to cut a small hole at the back of the glovebox and get at it through the opening you create.The item itself is about 4" by 2" with a short rod attached and will not cost too much for a replacement.We can supply a used one if req.

Tuesday 26th August 2008, 21:18
Like wot readview says. Also if you can take the small cog off and turn it 180 degrees and replace and it should be good as new.....unless a previous owner has already did this!!!

Tuesday 26th August 2008, 21:38
Many thanks for the replys, at the moment it seems to have stopped, ill keep a listen out and let you know what happens, thanks again,

cheers ian