View Full Version : 02 sensor (front) - Where to buy?

Sunday 24th April 2005, 07:33

Seeing as my motor is hitting the 110,000 mark I'm going to put a new O2 sensor in. Certainly not going to Volvo for a new one. Any recommendations on where to purchase one from?

Sunday 24th April 2005, 09:31
Euro car parts

Branches nationwide.

Is it worth getting one from a breakers? i think i need one too, probably both

Pedro Fandango
Sunday 24th April 2005, 09:32
i've tried a universal one & it won't the mounting nut

Sunday 24th April 2005, 16:59
Think they are only 70 odd from ECP.

Sunday 24th April 2005, 17:11
Why would u need to change 1 ? Isn't it just better to wait until something happens which relates to the sensor. :troutslap

Sunday 24th April 2005, 18:41
O2 sensors can with time become slow to switch without putting on a managment light or failing emmissions tests at M.O.T time. We always fit N.G.K Lambda's at work which come as a direct replacement so no cutting and joining of wires is required. We have never had a problem with N.G.K and they are original fitment on some models.

Sunday 24th April 2005, 19:01
Just out of interest - would a temporamental sensor (either one in my ME7 case) case a bad idle ?

Just thought, as they were original till 85k miles, then I've desturbed them with a 3" downpipe and big turbo.


Sunday 24th April 2005, 22:47
I agree its worth changing one only when something happens,

My lambda light has been on for over 12 months i think, MOT time it failed first attempt on emmissions but managed to get it through. :)

Monday 25th April 2005, 17:51
The lambda reports back to the ECU how well the engine is burning - this can affect performance, however, I don't know what the lifespan is on these things !

It's the carbon build up that will give inaccurate readings, although it appears to be working fine.

Just a thought.


Monday 25th April 2005, 18:04
I bought both of mine last month from Nordic.


Monday 25th April 2005, 18:34
How much were they ?

Have you fitted them - any difference ?


Monday 25th April 2005, 22:46
Prices - from memory about 70 and 100 (front and rear are different).

I only drove the car for a week with the new sensors in before dismantling it again (and it's still in bits), but I noticed a significant difference - normally my exhaust tip would have been blackened after 200 miles, and it's not!

That's got to be a good sign :anmflower