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Thursday 21st April 2005, 23:36
I have just bought my T5 and the ATM fluid has never been changed, I am going to do the whole lot but would like to know how hard the filter change would be as well.

Thanks Mike

Friday 22nd April 2005, 15:47
I've not heard of the AT fluid filter. From what I read about fluid changes it's no more complex than an oil change. If there is a filter *shrug* and you can change it then do so I'd say especially as your fluid has never been changed.

I'm sure bracer/dave850R or one of the others can offer you a more positive answer.


Wobbly Dave
Friday 22nd April 2005, 15:51
All the filters are internal and cannot be reached without dropping and stripping the box.

Wobbly Dave
Saturday 23rd April 2005, 00:37
Best Advice is to do a proper flush change. It is hard to get all the old fluid out. I can explain in more detail if you plan to do it yourself.

Saturday 23rd April 2005, 00:56
Ok it was late and I had had a bad day so ATM, maybe I had money on my mind, should have been AT.

I would have thought that you need to clean the filters after 100k, thats miles no lol, as well as the fluid. its an oil and will pick up gunk.You change your oil filter when you change the oil.
Dave do you know how many filters there are, there was only one on my Scorpio and someone got it done on the Scorpio members site for 100.00, including filter.

If it is a huge job to get the filters changed then may just diy the fluid. Will find out cost first and then come back for advice.



Wobbly Dave
Saturday 23rd April 2005, 01:16
I am not certain how many filters there are at all. They are all inside the box.

Changing the fluid requires about 15 litres of ATF - as some is wasted in the process of replacing the 7.5 in the box.

You should use Dextron III ATF. 15 litres Cost about 50

There are many posts on this change - although I am currently finding it hard to local my previously posted instructions.

Wobbly Dave
Saturday 23rd April 2005, 01:23

Saturday 23rd April 2005, 20:14
I remember hearing about an audi a8 having a magnet in the bottom of the atf sump to help get all the metally bits out! Check it out.....