View Full Version : Suspension upgrade - good choice?

Thursday 21st April 2005, 17:35
My ex-plod '01 phase2 V70 has a very tired suspension: shagged bushes, worn shocks and cop springs. My missus thinks it handles like a boat and for her to even comment on a car's handling means that it needs some serious attention.

Those friendly peeps at VolvoTuning are offering me an upgrade consisting of Eibach springs, Monroe Reflex shocks and poly bushes for the all-in price of 860. They say its the dog's but then they would wouldn't they.

What does the forum think? Has anyone got this setup on their car already? The Monroe's particularly are quite expensive. Are they worth the difference?

BTW, I'm not looking for a super-sporty ride, just a nice handling car that sits a bit lower than the cop springs.


Thursday 21st April 2005, 17:49
I'm considering buyin the exact same setup!

I was over at VT the other day and Hamish took me out for a spin in his car as he's already got this kit installed (well the shocks but he didn't bother with the springs) and i was well impressed with both the quality of the ride, and the handling.

If you're in doubt ask him nicely and he might take you for a run out if he isn't busy. It'll help you make up your mind!

Thursday 21st April 2005, 19:45
I had this setup fitted at VT last september and it totally transformed the car .... the monroes are nice and supple when trundling around and stiffen up as speed increases .... the eibach springs give about 30mm drop which gives the car a much more purposeful stance .... add a strutbrace into the equation and you see an awful lot of jaws drop as this great bus out-handles a lot of smaller stuff around the twisty-turnies :jaw:

Wobbly Dave
Friday 22nd April 2005, 00:07
Excellent set up and worth every penny. Zero piitch under acceleration/braking and no body roll on the corners.

Sunday 24th April 2005, 10:51
Thanks guys for your input.
It's going to cost me 500 even at the cheapest place with the cheapest components, so I'm going to pay that bit extra and have the job done properly by VT.


Sunday 24th April 2005, 11:01
Definately the best choice, bit or a drive for you from Brighton but well worth it!

Sunday 24th April 2005, 21:58
Hi are you the chap who was interested in the top mounts? If so when we spoke I did mention that the poly bushes were not included in that price as they don't do them for your car. The prices was for the shocks, springs and labour with VAT. If you are not the chap then apologies. I speek to so many people about this suspension upgrade. Most of the peeps on this forum know I can be a bit of a mother brain!! Looking forward to your booking. Regards Natalie (Hamish's wife)

Monday 25th April 2005, 11:48
Top mounts? Not me.
Definitely bushes though. The wishbone bushes are well past their best-before date.


Monday 25th April 2005, 13:13
In my experience, polly bushes transmit for more road noise, jolts etc, but are the ultimate. Stay away for everyday road use.

If you just want a nice comfy car that is used everyday, go back to standard (the T5 handles pretty good out of the box) but if you want a sportier ride sacrificing comfort a little, go for uprated springs & shocks.


Ian C70T5
Monday 25th April 2005, 14:15
From experience i have learnt to just do the upgrade that Hamish advises.. if he says its good, then its definately worth it.

Service from VT is also the best i've ever had.

Monday 9th May 2005, 16:36
The car went into VT last Friday for the suspension work. New Eibach lowering springs to replace the cop springs, new Monroe Reflex to replace the self-levellers, new wishbones, drop links, top mounts and track rods.

It is transformed. It feels planted and confidence inspiring. I took it directly from Bromsgrove down to Cornwall and gave it a run through the lanes of my old stomping ground. Now, it actually goes where I point it which is a revelation in itself.

The car now sits about 50-60mm lower than than the old cop springs (which are higher than standard). It doesn't look abnormally low, just 'right'.

I can recommend the setup to anyone who's suspension is need of renewal. And I can recommend VT as the place to have it installed.

Whilst there I met Justin in his new 'R' (nice it is too) and Wobbly Dave with the cleaning fetish. Hi guys. :wavey: Friendly, helpful chaps, both of them.

That's the good news. See another thread for the bad news about the turbo unit.

Wobbly Dave
Monday 9th May 2005, 23:12
Like I said on the other thread (the bad news one) it was as ever a pleasure to meet new blood in the T5 vein. I am glad you find the new suspenders system to your liking. When I had mine done - it was revelation. Loads of people rant about the remaps (and with good cause) but the re-suspension of the older cars is revolutionary, especially if you are used to driving around assuming they handle as well as they look* (like a brick).

The stuff Vt uses is not because it cost the most or it looks good. Its cause it works for our cars. Seriously worth looking into if you are looking to change up.
Single biggest improvement after remapping - I you not!

*personally I think the brick analogy sucks. My car looks lovely!

Tuesday 10th May 2005, 00:00
The stuff Vt uses is not because it cost the most or it looks good. Its cause it works for our cars. Seriously worth looking into if you are looking to change up.
Singel biggest improvement after remapping - I you not!

Couldn't have put it better Dave :)