View Full Version : T4 faults?

Sunday 20th July 2008, 18:48
I'm looking into buying a T4 within the coming months, now i have a 2.0 V40 at the moment and im wondering what are the common things to look out for. Also, lets just say ive seen a well looked after T4 but its only firing on 3 cylinders, would be a huge headache to repair or something as simple as coil related??


Sunday 20th July 2008, 21:08
Wouldn't touch it mate if firing on 3 could be a huge headache to sort out!

Sunday 20th July 2008, 22:45
Cool no worries. With my previous V6 Vectra when you had a misfire it was a case of 3 common faults, the most expensive one being a 100 fix. Obviously as is the case, its not an easy fix on the Volvo! lol, Also contemplating a turbo engine conversion on my current V40. Would it be easyish?? Obviously i would need the engine, gearbox, ecu etc but these are parts i can source quite cheaply on ebay.

All help appreciated,

Sunday 20th July 2008, 23:09
v6 vectra 3 common faults for misfire, leads, DIS pack or o-rings for spark plugs failing and leaking oil into a plug.... had all of those occur lol

T4 i would guess at plugs or coils generally, but you never know i suppose