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Sunday 6th July 2008, 21:55
hi all
i realize i have already done post like this b4 the website went down but i lost the name of the guy was going to help me out so heres hoping he will read this again
the problem: i have a t-reg phase 1 s40 which i was sold without remote for central locking ( i was unaware of this at time) so now i need to get the remote and get it programmed and i dont really want to pay the extortionate amount volvo want for it, can anyone help ?

Sunday 6th July 2008, 22:22
was it me that was dealing with this before? i belive i identified the part number where your dealer couldnt, if i remember right? (or am i thinking of someone else)

Monday 7th July 2008, 16:07
hi mate, i just found the original hard copy of the quote i provided you with, but since then there was a major price update from volvo so the price has changed very slightly:

"Hi Boris,

P/n: 30851156
Volvo Price: 71.68 inc vat
Our Price: 60.92 inc vat, plus postage
Postage: 1.14 Royal Mail 2nd Class recorded delivery

There are no software downloads required for your car, but it will still need a visit to a local dealer to get them to program the new fob to your car before it will work. The price of this vary's from dealer to dealer so it may be worth shopping around if there are a few dealers within the same sort of driving distance. As a rough idea, at FRF Volvo we would charge about 35 plus vat to do this job, but it does vary.

If you wish to place the order, please call us on 01792 790066 Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 17:00, where one of us will be happy to take your details. We accept most major credit ad debit cards, excluding American Express.

Hope this helps


Wednesday 9th July 2008, 15:11
eyyy simon yeah cheers man will call in the week!

Friday 11th July 2008, 11:04
fobs normally appear on ebay (they dont all work, and using simon's method is a lot safter in terms of getting the right part)

I took a new fob to my local dealer and they wanted half hours wage for programming (50 - took the guy like 10mins - i didn't even finish looking at the cars in the show room... mechanic handed me back the guys and said, "all done mate - dont worry about paying" so i left as soon as i could :)